I’ll kill two blog posts with one stone (post?) here. Introducing my new  bench space! (well not so new for me, I have been working here for 8 months now). Built in innovative fashion by removing the doors off the cupboards in the spare room of our house and attaching a board with semi circle cut out inside the shelves (its really simple when you think  about it). This allows for ample space and storage and I love working from this bench. 

The second stone/post is re awakening some pieces that I had made early last year. All sold down in Sydney galleries and I had excess material so I thought it a good idea to get back in production mode and make a few more to send out to the world. There are many adaptations of the connectivity neckpiece, you may remember from an earlier post around this time last year, the lovely Anna Kirk commissioned me to make one for her in sterling silver. Featured here are made from recycled plastic vents.