Life has taken a complete turn around but there is always time for jewellery (hurrah).

I have moved north, left the cold and busy city behind me (phew).

My tools and necessities and necessities are also with me (like old friends, they follow where-ever I go). I may not be jewelling full time (but only for now) but when I can, I do and believe you me, it is almost always on my mind.

For the next ten months, I will be (and have been for the past 8) working in a non jewellery field, however, my brain works overtime to create, makes jewellery out of everything and anything it can, like the two works above made from filing cabinet folder end protecters that caught my bower bird eyes when cleaning out the office.

I am not physically creating as much as I would like to so my mind craves and plays catch up. Its been an interesting realisation that no matter what I do, I can’t escape jewellery, creativity and making things, this is a reasurring thought and one I carry with pride.

I hope you enjoy some of my new jewels, made with love from my sunny Northern Territory studio. And whence I next visit the big smoke, I will bring some with me to bedazzle the Sydney contemporary jewellery galleries walls.