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It pays to google yourself from time to time. This article was posted back in 2010. Thanks Daily Art Muse.

This is such a wonderful idea!

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Square Cloud, Pink Rain - 2013 Anything is Possible - Brooch # 31

I have had this little square of steel for a period now, waiting for the right opportunity to rear its pretty head. 2013 feels like it’s goint ot be a big year full of adventure, excitement, projects, love, fun and a whole lot of mystery. Anything is possible, pink rain may even fall from square clouds. Imagine the hype! I finished this brooch at 11:56pm last night, four minutes to midnight and 2013! I felt so happy to be seeing in the new year doing something I love.

Happy New Year and Happy end to the brooch a day for the month project.

Next on the list - I am going to try and have a submission ready for the BUDA CONTEMPORARY AUSTRALIAN SILVER & METALWORK AWARD 2013 Submissions are due Feb 1st - eeek I only found out about this yesterday! We’ll see how I go getting something together - If I work 2 hours a day minimum for three weeks - one week for express posting the entry that gives me 42 hours to work on the piece/s. Remembering, anything is possible, even pink rain falling from square clouds.

Revisiting the Pod - Brooch # 30

For those of you familiar with my work, you will know that this little pod shape has been significant to me. I am so drawn to the mystery of it. I was elated when I found this piece of coral in it’s natural state. As if mother nature had raided my jewellery collection and reproduced it.

Shona Rides Her Alpaca to Space on the Wing of a Dove - Brooch # 29

My darling life long friend sent this donation. Feathers! What do I do with feathers? The fleece was actually tying the package together, and perhaps not intended for the proect, it spoke to me. This is probably one of my more random attempts at the brooch a day project, though I relish at the challenge of working with these arbitrary materials.

Thanks Shonita :)

Robin’s Challenge - Brooch # 28

This was the package I received from my aunt Robin. She donated a feather from a family of tawny frog mouth owls who live and nest in her garden every year. This is the second feather I have been gifted for the project, at first a challenge and always my mind lends to complexity after a lot of hair pulling, I always return to simplicity.

Melissa’s Donation - Brooch # 27

Living so remote, we only get our mail when a plane comes in. Yesterday I received three letters with sent brooch items. The first I have chosen to use was generously sent by Australian jeweller Melissa Cameron  - an amazing jeweller at that.

It’s a bit random and I found it a real challenge to work with materials that you don’t really have any affiliation with. A great experiment though and I thoroughly enjoyed the element of play centered around this concept. A very similar idea that I presented in The Box Project exhibition back in 2010. Melissa’s package included some ribbons and thread, two cardboard tags from clothing she had purchased and one even came with a tiny pin to attach the brooch!

Thanks Melissa

The Unfortunate Fate of the Small Office Frog - Brooch #26

I found this guy dead under my desk in the office, I have a really bad feeling it was me that killed him with my chair wheel. I honour of this life, he is now a wearable memory.

Christmas Pudding - Brooch #25

Beach Trawling - Brooch # 24

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